Pack a hard copy of a map and bring a compass. It’s important to know how to use a map, compass, or GPS device. Following trail paths can sometimes be confusing and you if you are new to a trail it can be easy to get disoriented. Can Buttigieg get past the race issue? The South Bend mayor gets points for candor and refusing to pass the buck when he confessed that he had failed to integrate his city’s police force, but he is still stuck with his record on policing, which is a red flag for many voters. African Americans, in particular, were wary of him before, but any momentum he might have picked up from his “Douglass Plan” or from trips to South Carolina might be undone unless he can bring the latest police incident to a satisfactory resolution and make true progress on racial criminal justice in his own police force. If he does so, he might have a plausible case that he can do this on a national level; conversely, if South Bend’s police department leaves him stymied, it will much more difficult to make the case that he is ready for tougher, national problem solving..

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