Had Washington DC listen to MacArthur when he was in North Korea we would not have half the issues we are dealing with today. The US adminstrations for the last 3 decades have been failues. Thye have mis calculated in many ways. They also offer Shepherd pie, chicken and biscuits and other traditional hot dishes, along with soups, fresh quick breads and grinders stuffed with hearty fillings like homemade meatballs. When not serving their deli customers, these sisters keep busy giving back to the community. To wit, they cook and serve about 40 meals a day for Meals on Wheels..

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Comment number 5. At 21:17 6th Feb 2012, Katherine Birkett wrote: Oops for “As this show’s at the end of winter it could be very well timed, as it will give viewers plenty of time to plan what they’re going to plant, buy it and plant it.”, add “in plenty of time for next winter”. Sorry for the omission!.

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